Olympic CFM6000



bullet Connect CFM 6000 to mains power
bullet Connect amplifier box to the CFM 6000
bullet Turn on CFM 6000
bullet         Switch is at back of monitor.

Initial boot-up sequence takes about 1minute.

bullet Apply electrodes
bullet         Refer to section on electrodes.

Use disposable single use needle electrodes in preference.

bullet Press RECORD

The system enters calibration and then begins recording.


When in Record mode you can enter patient data, print the CFM screen, review data, and place markers of interest.


If patient data is on screen you can append new patient data to the current file.

bullet Press PATIENT to enter patient details
bullet To display the EEG Press EEG
bullet           Press EEG ON to exit EEG mode
bullet If PLAYBACK is displayed on screen press scroll control >> to display current data

 Refer to Operatorís Manual for more detailed information