Neoweb Neonatal Calculator

The site has been designed mainly to facilitate the prescription of infusions commonly used in the neonatal nursery. Always consult a neonatal formulary such as the "Neonatal Formulary " when prescribing.

To use simply enter the infant weight, the required infusion dose and rate, and the volume of infusion to be prepared. Select the 'Solve' button to calculate the amount of drug and the volume of injection and diluent required to prepare the desired infusion. The default values may be altered as required. Print the prescription by selecting the Print button on the browser.

Other useful calculations have also been added including calculators to help analyse clincal studies and a link to an interactive statistical test website.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made by the author to check the accuracy of the contents. No responsibility will be taken by the author for any errors made as a result of using this website.


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